DC Rebirth #1 – It Was Already Spoiled

DC Rebirth: pretty much the entire thing has been released in previews. Which is a little sad, I was really hoping for something of substance. Instead it was a quick rehash of what led to the last reboot, and why this “new threat” may or may not need to be dealt with.

Spoilers if you haven’t read the previews or seen any screenshots from them….

Wally West returns! One of the two characters I was really waiting for (Cassandra Cain was the other) is now back and is trying to warn of what really happened in the aftermath of The Flashpoint.

Most interesting panels to me were Pandora’s panels- she really did know and was right all along! And paid the price.

Putting “The Watchmen” now as a part of the DCU proper is an interesting choice; more interesting than bringing in the Vertigo characters. I’m still not sure how I feel about it, but it’s interesting that Manhattan is described as more powerful than anything in the current DCU.

Marvel vs Me (on Captain America)

Some people get invested in movies, other in characters on shows, I do for characters in books and comics.

Within a few months of “The New 52” launching I cut my pull list in half. With the Captain America issue that came out today I’m probably going to start cutting back on Marvel in the coming weeks- Amazing Spider-Man has been on the verge of shark jumping, and the book I had been looking forward to (Captain America: Steve Rogers) did just jump the shark in a big way.

The hardest part of reducing my comic buying is the impact it has on my local comic book shop- that’s less issues that they’re going to sell, and if I’m less interested in going that also mean less “other” purchases from me.

Here’s to hoping that things get better…