Dungeons of Dreadmore

It’s like Rogue with graphics! And music. And pseudo-talent trees. Most importantly though, it’s Rogue with graphics. That really does sum this game up. It has some humor and the crafting part is a bit entertaining. The crafting is what really sets it apart for me though and is what will bring me back to playing some day.

All in all, a fun game to play for a few hours! 

EVE – Restarting the Spreadsheet Game

I started up my EVE accounts again. Lost a few ships while I remembered how things work. I got seriously frustrated when I lost one of my ships; I had put a lot of time and effort in to getting it only to lose it to weird connection issues! After it happened I sat back and tried to remember the last time I actually was that attached to a game, or had that much straight up emotion while playing anything.

That said, due to the community I will probably be letting my subscriptions lapse again at the end of this. It’s a fun game to get in to for a little bit, but the people take it a wee bit too over the top- I’m not looking for constant realism or a second job, I have both in plenty already. One of the recent ad campaigns was about being the villain; I get enough of those outside of games, too!

In the mean time (between now and December) I’ll be looking at joining a larger corporation, doing some research (I like crafting in MMOs), flying a carrier and just generally having fun mining a couple nights a week.

Magic: The (First) Tournament

We’re technically way overdo on finishing out work tournament at this point and I officially can’t lock in first place now; but I can finish as high as second now- though fourth is now the most likely scenario. I’ve gone 2-0, 2-1, 0-2, and 2-0 so far in our games. With only one game left, against probably the strongest overall deck, I will most likely go 0-2.

There’s two people that have the potential to tie, splitting first. The prevailing theory is that the strong deck could finish 10-0 putting me to where I will most likely finish 4th; though the despairity between fourth and third is going to be rather entertaining- the bottom two may end up with 0 wins each.
All in all its been a good way to follow up our work team even by letting people take some time to get to know each other over something a bit different than what most companies do.

The Gathering to Magic

As a team outing we went to Frank and Sons stopping at Korean BBQ first. Food was good, not as good as near my place but still good stuff. As for the show floor…it was pretty much the same as the last time I was there. Smelled the same sadly.

The Korean BBQ place was somewhere I’ve never been; and one I’ll probably not go back to. I don’t even remember the name of it anymore that’s how awesome it was. The K-Pop was entertaining and all, but the food wasn’t good enough to go back.
Once we got to Frank and Sons I went to the usual game/toy aisle that I frequented as a kid. Sadly, there wasn’t much there that was enticing this time around. Then I went to the comic aisle- this is when I learned my local comic shop really is more amazing as they carry more comics that I’d want at better prices. So with all of my cash still in hand I met up with everyone else and we discussed what to do as a group to buy Magic: The Gathering boxes to get back in to it.
In the end we ended up with seven people joining in for three boxes of cards: two Dragon Maze and Return box. All in all it should be a good set of cards to get started.


What a fun little gem! This game of yore has some pretty “simple” elements that the level designers put to great use. I don’t really have a whole lot to say other than it’s something to try out for a few minutes and may get you hooked, but it’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a game of a bye-gone era of gameplay mechanics over graphics and story, when HD didn’t matter and it was ok to lose.

Defense Grid: Containment

I’ve made no secret to my friends that Defense Grid is my favorite tower defense game at this point.  The story and the game play both are pretty solid, amazing, and even fun. Sadly I hadn’t gotten around to playing all the expansion story lines, but at this point I have and am very grateful. The twists over the eight maps of this one were pretty good, I actually kept playing more for the story this time around than the game play. Though, as mentioned, the new maps and stuff are really cool and I quite enjoyed them (apparently it’s feast or famine for me on these: bronze or blow gold out of the water).

All in all it’s an awesome part of the franchise and I can’t wait for a Defense Grid 2; but heck I’d even throw funds into a Kickstarter to get another map pack like this one!

What do I want to see from comics in 2013?

Over the last few months I’ve tried to think about what I want to see in comics. What I’ve discovered is that if I get what I want then I’m missing out on the surprises from all these creators. Books like Mara wouldn’t be as much of a shock if I just got what I wanted. But there are a few things here and there and a small bit of returns that I’d like to see happen.

The Firefly comics have been good and I wish Shepard Book’s story had been longer. I would like to see more stories that are just as engaging. Speaking of the book Mara, I’d like to see more random stories like that; we don’t just need things in the super-hero universes. Though in that universe I’d like to see more Bruce Banner, less “the other guy” and more John Stewart on the DC front. Gritty and dark get thrown around a lot, but at this point I’d like to see that with a bit more realism; even people with horrible luck don’t have everything go wrong at every turn.

I’d like to see Darkwing Duck and Farscape comics come back. Both were amazing and a joy to read. Cassandra Cain is the last of the Bat-family that I miss having around; she’s my favorite Batgirl and member of Batman Incorporated, shouldn’t be that hard to bring her back around.

Speaking of Batman, I’d like to see him being a detective more often. I know “Detective Comics” is supposed to be that part, but it seems less cerebral and more action oriented. Due to my age “Batman: The Animated Series” is the quintessential Batman to me; not the comics one. I’m not sure if that’s blasphemy or not, but it is what it is and makes me want the “all knowing” Batman and more Bruce Wayne in general.

Time Commitments: Working Out

For the last year or so I’ve been dedicated 15 to 90 minutes a day to “working out” either in the gym or in my apartment. I’ve lost a bit of size in the mean time and gained a lot of health. I’ve also gained a lot of new clothes since none of my old ones fit. Most weeks I do one hour, six days a week; when I’m pressed for time (or sleep) it tends to go down to just 100 crunches, 20 push-ups, and 10 pull-ups. Fitocracy has been a great help in getting me going and will continue to be once I’m feeling better (finally over being sick!). Much of this routine has culminated in my starting to play basketball, something I couldn’t do for very long even six or seven months ago.

Back to the subject of Fitocracy, one of the things I wished it had/tracked is the amount of time a certain rep set took. Much of what I do at this point is about a certain number of reps almost as fast as possible; it’s a pain to track those separately from the XP-carrot world that is Fitocracy. Additionally, my Nike FuelBand is pretty bad for weight lifting but amazing for cardio; with my commute changing I may end up adding running six days a week instead of just two to three.

Interestingly I’ve been finding the payoff from working out the second best of all my commitments (time with wife is number one). An hour in the morning tends to lead to a very productive day, though two hours in the morning tend to lead to a lull and needing to go to bed early. With just a single hour I seem to feel healthier, be losing some size (and weight in some cases, too), and be more productive. This seems like a great tradeoff to me!

Time Commitments: Music

Three rehearsals a week, plus practice time when I can find it. So 10 hours a week, plus transportation time. That’s a lot of time for a hobby! But it’s a hobby that keeps me sane. In recent months I’ve started to tone in a back a bit; right now I’m on closer to 3 hours a week in music, balancing the rest in to work and basketball. But in a “normal” week in the past it was a minimum of 10 hours. Whilst I enjoy playing Bass Trombone it was taking on aspects of a very low paying (i.e. zero) second job, thus the cutting back a bit. However, butting back highlighted how much I needed that time every week for the sanity it helped instill in me.