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A ‘blog, a ‘blog, oh what a blog-y blog is ‘blog.

Why write a blog in the days of micro-blogging (a la twitter and Facebook)? There are some things that just don’t fit that medium well. Why one picks sports teams, code examples, opinion articles that are longer than 140 characters, linking an article to someone who isn’t in your social circle. Plus, what happens when one of those types of companies fail, will they give us all copies of our status updates and micro-blogs? It’s possible they will, but it’s a consideration to be sure.

The written word has been something that I’ve had a bit of a love-hate relationship with: I love reading, but I’m dyslexic, I love writing, but it takes time I don’t have (and I’m dyslexic). I’ve been very lucky to have a few teachers throughout the years who noticed that I both enjoyed writing and wasn’t completely horrible at it and encouraged me to hone my skills a bit; a special thanks to my middle school english teachers, three of my four high school english teachers, by band director, and the teacher in charge of our newspaper for letting me spread wings and grow all those many years ago. Their inspiration and encouragement has kept me keeping on.

Started originally in 1998 when started high school, got my first iMac and had a hand-me-down laptop I threw Linux on (I also used to run BeOS on that iMac!). Re-started for the nt-th time in 2013 after having a lot of time off of work to get my head and life in order.


https://tks.pyroturtle.com/ – so, you might have already known that…

See, when an electron spins…

…not that how? Well, ok then, here’s how I end up writing things:

  • Decide on a possible idea for an article
  • Go through a checklist of things to make sure the article is what I want it to be
  • Copy-Paste draft in to a new post in WordPress
  • Tripple Check that everything is appearing as it should
  • Check again for code examples using wp-syntax
  • Publish the post/page