My Favorite Robin(s)

In sync with the rankings I’ve been thinking about recently, here are the Robin’s (not including what they did afterwards) in my favorite order.

  1. Tim Drake
  2. Dick Grayson
  3. Damian Wayne
  4. Stephanie Brown
  5. Jason Todd

In many ways I think I like Tim because he’s the one I can relate the most to. He’s not the most physical, but he makes do; he’s not the most charismatic, but can get people to listen; doesn’t have the pedigree to be a street fighter; is a guy; is the best with computers of the bunch. He is the detective, and the one that tries to get people to just get along by showing them how to do it.

Dick Grayson is the original and in many ways the template for all the future Robins to follow. Everything about him is what I thought I wanted to be as a kid: athletic, handsome, charismatic, care free. As I grew older I realized that’s not me, and that’s probably for the best, there’s enough of those. Around the same time I started reading the stories with Tim and he is my Robin for the reasons above. But actually going back and reading some of the Robin stories from before, and the Teen Titans books, Grayson does a damn bang up job.

it wasn’t until a very recent issue in the New 52 that I started to like Damian; he went from brat to Robin in one teary frame. As Robin he does a great job balancing the physical prowess needed and the detective work that makes the dynamic duo work so well.

Stephanie’s run was short lived, but memorable in many ways, and not for how it ended to me. She was Tim’s girlfriend so she always knew she had someone to talk to about it, and an ally when Batman was being “a sour puss” to her. She was the flawed Robin, the one who never quit took it seriously in all reality, even though she thought she took it the most serious.

Jason seemed whiney, defensive, and a very odd choice for the Batman to allow to carry on and not just ship off to some corner of the world of dump off at Titan Tower. Something about him as Robin never settled right. In reading through some of the more recent Damian stories I wonder if that’s who Jason was supposed to be written like and why they’ve had so many great moments together. But as a Robin, Jason never seemed to quite “get it together” for me to like in that role.

Post Robin Order

  1. Tim Drake
  2. Dick Grayson
  3. Jason Todd
  4. ??? (fate unknown)
  5. Stephanie Brown

I own the complete Red Robin series from just before the relaunch. Grayson is just one of my favorite characters, and Nightwing has always been written so well. Jason was wishy washy but is now a very solid character in his own right, I look forward to Red Hood every month now. Stephanie displaced by favorite Batgirl (Cassandra) so she goes at the bottom. Damian we don’t know yet, so he gets a place holder at four.

What I’m Reading – 2013.02 Edition

My current reading is very DC heavy; the Bat Family of characters are still some of my favorite characters in all of comic-dom…really wishing Cassandra Cain would come back, she’s actually been my favorite Batgirl and heroine of the DC line. One of these days I should write up on all the Robins and Batgirls given that Grayson and Drake are two of my favorite characters period. I like the idea of Batman, and the animated version will always be the definitive version for me; right now, in print, that is not the Batman we have, this one is a bit more confused about who is and if he’s the great detective or not. More confusing to me has actually been liking Jason Todd, I’m still not sure how I feel about all of that but I’m sure I will in a couple months.

I’m quite sad Deathstroke is on the chopping block; I hope it’s because they told the stories they wanted and not because a certain writer/artist killed so much of it for everyone.

The breakout comic for me in The New 52 has been The Flash; the first story arc was a bit lame, but after the rogues were re-introduced and going in to the Annual last year things have been on hyperactive overdrive ever since. It’s made me want to pick up the series every month so I now do.

Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are currently some of the best stuff coming out every month; they remind me what comics were really about and why the Scarlet Spider series got me in to buying and collecting so long ago: they tell a story that examines everything around us but through lens that isn’t our own.

Every once in a while there’s a mini series that really gets my attention, recently this has been Comeback a story about time travel, ethics, and policing a time stream. On the mini series front the Borderlands tie ins have been really good, too!

Marvel has been in a weird spot for me for a while. I love the characters, but the recent stories for me have just been “meh” aside from X-Force the last couple years. The New X-Men intrigues me a little, but I can’t see myself trying to get the entire run and I will probably stop picking it up every month soon. In all that there’s one book that really caught; not FF, Iron Man, “Superior” Spider-Man, or even Deadpool: Indestructible Hulk. Assuming they can keep the book about Bruce more than “the other guy” it will be the Hulk book I always wanted, they already showed how smart the man really is and I hope they keep that part of things up.

Red Hood and the Outlaws
The Flash
Teen Titans
Batman & Robin

The Indestructible Hulk
All New X-Men


[Mini Series]