Final Ranks of Fantasy

Started writing this a  month ago (after seeing this) and was trying to figure out how to go more in depth; but alas there’s so many it was more just talking points. This is just the “main” series as Tactics would be number one otherwise.

  • FF X
    • Nostalgia! When I wasn’t playing Bass Trombone or hanging out at the beach this is what I did the summer I graduated from high school; there were even a couple of times I went to sleep playing the game only to wake up to the Sphere Grid and its calming music. The music was pretty darn cool; haunting piano transitioning to Japanese metal…I still listen to it all to this day.
  • FF V
    • Awesome job system made for some awesome gameplay as well. The story may have been “lacking” for some people but it gold a hold of me and didn’t let go. Add in some solid music and endearing graphics you’d have my favorite game if it wasn’t for the soundtrack and nostalgia factor of X for me.
  • FF VII
    • Valid arguments for best overall game to be sure, it pushed the genre in a lot of way, and materia was so good they haven’t tried to go back to it exactly. One of the most emotional moments of any game comes when the poor flower girl has the life stolen from her; I still get a little choked up and go “WHY?!” whenever I play through that section.
  • FF VI
    • This was FF3 here in the states, I bought the game without owning an SNES at the time (cousin and friends had one) to go with my copy of Zelda: A Link To the Past. That’s how good this game really is.
    • Great music, and sometimes playing a movie can be fun.
  • FF IV
    • After playing it through on the PS1 I started to see where other things came from; it was the setup for so many things to come down the line.
  • FF I
    • So much for being the last game, eh? There is something awesome about seeing “where it all began” and how far we’ve come. There’s been a lot of re-releases and re-mixes of the game, but the NES copy I have will always be the “real” version for me.
  • FF IX
    • I understand the story was decent, but there’s just something about this game that has never been able to grab me like the games above did. The clone story was awesome, but the game play got in my way of enjoying any of it; that and the first disc being a bunch of movies to watch.
    • …I like the theory that he dies at the end of the first disc, it made the game better for me. I like most of the characters whilst in Kingdom Hearts as opposed to in this one.
  • FF III
    • It’s interesting playing this AFTER playing through IV; the later games avoid the mistakes this one made.
  • FF XII
    • Good news: I’m a great AI programmer! Bad news: that makes for a bad game.
  • FF II
    • Somewhat like IX this game just never really got me all that excited to play it; not even the music.


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