Scribblenauts Limited

The original Scribblenauts was amazing; couldn’t put it down! I had decent hopes for Unlimited, but knew better than tot expect the same game with new levels even if its what I really wanted. What I ended up staring at on load wasn’t what I was expecting at all though. Instead of “levels” it was small issues to deal with everywhere on the map. While I understand the idea they were going for it was rather jarring and detracted from the general sense of accomplishment the previous game had. No longer could it be the game I picked up for 90 seconds between compiles, or the game in the background I tabbed to on occasion; now it was something with a very real time commitment. Which brings me to the (oddly) limiting factor: there’s too many things to do all at once. What sounds like a great idea ends up being such a distraction that I wasn’t fully able to enjoy the game. Thats said, the increased dictionary and larger scale of what you can do once you get over the screen shock is pretty awesome. So if you have the time, and the patience, check it out.


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