Sid Meier’s Starships – First Impressions

It was a happy coincidence that my vacation happened during the release of Sid Meier’s Starships. With a few games under my belt the initial reaction is summed up nicely as: that is one fun little game.

The turn based nature of the game gives it a go-and-wait feeling that would feel great on an iPad if it saves the state- sadly my current iPad is not up to specs to play so I was reduced to playing on my gaming rig. As it is on the computer the feel is fine- the only gripe I found myself having was actually do to with camera panning with the arrow keys; if that’s not minor I’m not sure what is.

Possibly the best overall aspect is the multiple win lanes- depending on how you feel like playing you can win the game differently. Though that did lead to a rather humorous point where I won a Wonder Victory while trying to go for dominance; on the turn I was going to assault the home world I bought a  wonder since it filled out a blind spot on my ships and instead it triggered a win. Whoops?

The core of the battle system feels like a board game of spaceships done right as a computer game. Many times it feels oddly translated but I could imagine this being an actual board game to compliment the digital game. This is much higher praise than the simple two sentences would make it seem.

Overall, a great game and well worth the cost!


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