Sunday Movie Night

Some movies just need to be bad to be good; Demolition Man very much fits that profile. Many of the characters are over the top caricature of stereotypes from other genres. Complete with bag guys that can’t aim! Very little of the overall movie makes sense really; but Dennis Leary adds a bit of understated bravado that balances out the more slapstick over the top feeling one gets from watching Snipes or Stallone.

Just watched Demo Man and now moved on to the Les Mis inspired Aladdin; can you have two different movies? The actual bad guys in Demolition Man are actually a bit ethereal, whereas in Aladdin they’re fairly cut and dry overall.

And look: Cinderella! The movie that doesn’t understand time, location, or titles for that matter.

To say this was an interesting night of movie watching may be an understatement of massive proportions.


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