Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD – Nostalgia on Wheels

There are a few games that I’ve been willing to play and/or buy on multiple platforms, much less try to be good at it on all of those platforms. Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Pro Skater 2 are on that very short list. The games after THPS2 aren’t quite as good in my opinion, but still quite good.

The music in both games is almost the soundtrack to young life. From Superman, Jerry Was A Race Car Driver to Guerrilla Radio, When Worlds Collide. Come to think of it the cliché of soundtrack to my youth very much fits. Playing through the HD version and having all that music playing over the Warehouse and The Hangar brought back great memories of sitting on friend’s floor and trying to get that hundred move long combo worked out. A lot of the songs I already greatly enjoyed it, but these games just reinforced it.

THPS2 was the first real port I got my Mac way back when, got a nice controller from MacAlly that went with my largish hands better than most other controllers (aside from the N64 at the time), and my siblings played the crud out of that game. My sister realized she was the grind queen and my brother actually got in to skateboarding from it.

Enough about then, what about now? How does this new version stack up? The music is still there and compiled. The graphics are improved. The items and goals are pretty much in the same spot, too. Wait, how did I get back on nostalgia moments, weren’t we moving forward? Well, that’s the joy of an HD remix of a classic game. Thankfully, the equation of the game is just plain awesome and well worth playing though again.


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