Weekend Update – 2013.01.06

For the first time in months I got a weekend off. We took an impromptu trip to visit some family members and just relax; no alarm clocks, no animals, no distractions. Had a nice drive down in and around some mountains (actually got to use my V8 a bit). Today, watched the weather go from sunny and cold, to rainy and warmer, to hailing. Watched a bit of sports with the family today. The Redskins made me a bit sad; as did Indianapolis. Can’t wait to see how the Broncos do in the next couple weeks. Watched them try to play golf on Maui; felt really bad when the ball was moving around the green and falling off the tee for some people. Wrote out an entire proposal and production plan for a new video game I hope to complete in a few months. And now on to a fun week!


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