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  • Hockey Team: Zealotry in Sports III

    Things haven’t changed much in the last couple times I’ve thought to mention something about this. Hockey Haven’t really changed, but figured I’d fill things out a bit for the East/Canada as well: Toronto Maple Leafs >> New York Rangers > Rest of East

  • Zealotry in Sports II

    Teams are still an interesting thing. Previously I opined a bit on why I do or don’t like certain teams. Some things with the NFL have changes and I forgot about the NHL last time. NFL With the Rams coming back to Los Angeles I may have a new favorite NFC team, sorry 49ers. Raiders…

  • 2013 Super Bowl XLVII

    Hoping the 49ers will show in force and take this one. Sorry Ray Lewis but someone has to lose in these games, and I hope it’s your team.

  • Zealotry in Sports

    Around the world sports have almost become a religion for some people. From Soccer (football) to baseball, from rugby to eSports (like StarCraft II), people have certain sports they care about more than others. It’s usually not the spot itself that gets the fanatic, zealous following; it’s the teams playing them. Here in the United…