Zealotry in Sports II

Teams are still an interesting thing. Previously I opined a bit on why I do or don’t like certain teams. Some things with the NFL have changes and I forgot about the NHL last time.
With the Rams coming back to Los Angeles I may have a new favorite NFC team, sorry 49ers.
Raiders > Rams >>> 49es > Steelers > Chargers = Broncos = Chiefs >>> Everyone Else
This is the most conflicting for me; before the Ducks were a team I was a Sharks fan. I had a Sharks sweatshirt I wore everywhere, no matter the temperature. So, even though the Ducks are close by there’s part of me that’s still a Sharks fan. In keeping with the local team first I tend to route for the Ducks a bit more- but not by much. Now that the Ducks have a couple cups I wouldn’t mind the Sharks making a run and finally clinching The Cup…
Ducks >= Sharks >>> Everyone Else
The older I get, the less I like watching the NBA.
The older I get the more I like listening to baseball.

Sports Radio
A more interesting development for me had been listening to sports radio on SiriusXM- my commute to work is about 30 minutes each way, no real traffic, but still that’s at least an hour a day. I like music, but for my own safety I can’t always listen to it while driving. What has been decent and keeps me focused is: sports radio. Starting with NFL Network over the football season, and now on to NHL Network (and once the Stanley Cup is over on to MLB), it allows me to keep up to date on some things and have something going on that I don’t get that in to that it is distracting. The other sports stations are…interesting, but ultimately not entertaining or too distracting.


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