What do I want to see from comics in 2013?

Over the last few months I’ve tried to think about what I want to see in comics. What I’ve discovered is that if I get what I want then I’m missing out on the surprises from all these creators. Books like Mara wouldn’t be as much of a shock if I just got what I wanted. But there are a few things here and there and a small bit of returns that I’d like to see happen.

The Firefly comics have been good and I wish Shepard Book’s story had been longer. I would like to see more stories that are just as engaging. Speaking of the book Mara, I’d like to see more random stories like that; we don’t just need things in the super-hero universes. Though in that universe I’d like to see more Bruce Banner, less “the other guy” and more John Stewart on the DC front. Gritty and dark get thrown around a lot, but at this point I’d like to see that with a bit more realism; even people with horrible luck don’t have everything go wrong at every turn.

I’d like to see Darkwing Duck and Farscape comics come back. Both were amazing and a joy to read. Cassandra Cain is the last of the Bat-family that I miss having around; she’s my favorite Batgirl and member of Batman Incorporated, shouldn’t be that hard to bring her back around.

Speaking of Batman, I’d like to see him being a detective more often. I know “Detective Comics” is supposed to be that part, but it seems less cerebral and more action oriented. Due to my age “Batman: The Animated Series” is the quintessential Batman to me; not the comics one. I’m not sure if that’s blasphemy or not, but it is what it is and makes me want the “all knowing” Batman and more Bruce Wayne in general.


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