Time Commitments: Working Out

For the last year or so I’ve been dedicated 15 to 90 minutes a day to “working out” either in the gym or in my apartment. I’ve lost a bit of size in the mean time and gained a lot of health. I’ve also gained a lot of new clothes since none of my old ones fit. Most weeks I do one hour, six days a week; when I’m pressed for time (or sleep) it tends to go down to just 100 crunches, 20 push-ups, and 10 pull-ups. Fitocracy has been a great help in getting me going and will continue to be once I’m feeling better (finally over being sick!). Much of this routine has culminated in my starting to play basketball, something I couldn’t do for very long even six or seven months ago.

Back to the subject of Fitocracy, one of the things I wished it had/tracked is the amount of time a certain rep set took. Much of what I do at this point is about a certain number of reps almost as fast as possible; it’s a pain to track those separately from the XP-carrot world that is Fitocracy. Additionally, my Nike FuelBand is pretty bad for weight lifting but amazing for cardio; with my commute changing I may end up adding running six days a week instead of just two to three.

Interestingly I’ve been finding the payoff from working out the second best of all my commitments (time with wife is number one). An hour in the morning tends to lead to a very productive day, though two hours in the morning tend to lead to a lull and needing to go to bed early. With just a single hour I seem to feel healthier, be losing some size (and weight in some cases, too), and be more productive. This seems like a great tradeoff to me!


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