Defense Grid – You Monster

Expansion usually lack a bit in story, at least compared to their base version. Cross over games usually fair even worse. Thankfully, “Defense Grid – You Monster” doesn’t fall to either of these. I won’t say it’s better than the base story, but I will say it’s a great addition to not only the story but to game play as well.

GLaDOS is as hilarious as ever, and hearing her “conversations” with the Grid AI make for some great tension. This doesn’t work without amazing voice acting, so my hats off to those involved there. The tone of the story is a bit different in that it’s not just about betting aliens to save humanity, it’s about stopping a crazy program who wants to invite the aliens you already stopped back, going as far as to re-open the portal that you closed last time! The tension is kept high until the very last map, creating a very nice resolve and sense of completion to the whole thing.

There’s no new towers, but there are levels where the towers available change throughout; placement of things is pretty standard, until you realize you have to let them steal the “power” first only to get it back to the other receptacle. The minion combinations are something very different while retaining some of the same characteristics; though I did find there to be less aerial assaults than previous map sets. While challenging nothing ever seemed impossible, which is a very difficult balancing act for a game like this.

All in all this is a great addition to the tower defense genre than many other developers should take notice of.


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