Sublime Text: Purchased!

Previously I talked about how I was going to experiment with moving all of my text editing to Sublime Text; this has been completed. While I still have TextMate installed I only use it to keep a “pristine” copy opened when checking changes/versions, or copy-pasting information. The ease of having one editing platform on every major OS platform that I’m programing in has been amazing, far more than I previously thought.

Whilst I didn’t think of coding as a visual medium previously I’m starting to understand that side of things a bit more. When every screen has the same look and feel it actually makes transitioning easier. I still have to go between Command and Alt for a lot of things; but that’s more on the keyboard setups than on any given application. In tracking the time I spent converting from OSX to Windows, OSX to Linux, and Windows to Linux they all went from around 15 minutes to about 3 minutes over the course of the month; the only real change being the text editors.

Since the “bundles” in Sublime Text are based on TextMate bundles I was able to get some old ones up and running very quickly. Additionally there’s a package manager that’s maintained by the community that makes installing a lot of extensions far easier to use. Getting a python lint utility and Django syntax highlighting was a breeze and has made using Django that much easier.

All in all, a worth while investment for anyone looking for a new, light-weight, flexible text editor that can pretty much do it all.


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