EVE – Restarting the Spreadsheet Game

I started up my EVE accounts again. Lost a few ships while I remembered how things work. I got seriously frustrated when I lost one of my ships; I had put a lot of time and effort in to getting it only to lose it to weird connection issues! After it happened I sat back and tried to remember the last time I actually was that attached to a game, or had that much straight up emotion while playing anything.

That said, due to the community I will probably be letting my subscriptions lapse again at the end of this. It’s a fun game to get in to for a little bit, but the people take it a wee bit too over the top- I’m not looking for constant realism or a second job, I have both in plenty already. One of the recent ad campaigns was about being the villain; I get enough of those outside of games, too!

In the mean time (between now and December) I’ll be looking at joining a larger corporation, doing some research (I like crafting in MMOs), flying a carrier and just generally having fun mining a couple nights a week.


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