Magic: The (First) Tournament

We’re technically way overdo on finishing out work tournament at this point and I officially can’t lock in first place now; but I can finish as high as second now- though fourth is now the most likely scenario. I’ve gone 2-0, 2-1, 0-2, and 2-0 so far in our games. With only one game left, against probably the strongest overall deck, I will most likely go 0-2.

There’s two people that have the potential to tie, splitting first. The prevailing theory is that the strong deck could finish 10-0 putting me to where I will most likely finish 4th; though the despairity between fourth and third is going to be rather entertaining- the bottom two may end up with 0 wins each.
All in all its been a good way to follow up our work team even by letting people take some time to get to know each other over something a bit different than what most companies do.


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