Grey Knights – A Guarding List In The Making

This year I’m taking the plunge back in to wonderful world of Warhammer 40k Tournaments! More on that later, in the mean time- what to play and why.
Because I’m a glutton for punishment I’ll be playing Grey Knights- I’m not looking to make it to the final rounds or anything, just to go have a good time and good games. To that end I have a few goals:
  • Work in a theme or story
  • Have allies that work with the story
  • Use competitive units
  • Have units that will get people to enjoy seeing them
  • As few “conversions” as possible
At this point I’ve decided on a small narrative called, “The Return to Armageddon” for this year. That means Steel Legion allies with as many Grey Knight power armor suits as possible using the Guard Armageddon Regiment. This doesn’t shore up the Grey Knights lack of high power shots as much as other regiments may be able to, but it does give a nice buffer and access to some slightly more durable vehicles (as points allow).

Core units

  • 2 GMNDK
  • 2 Squads of Paladins with an Apothecary
  • 3 Strike Squads
  • 2 Battalions of Guard

Concluding the matter

With very specific guidelines that doesn’t leave a lot of room for anything else, but it does make for a rather defensive core to get to later rounds on. As long as both sides play fast enough, that’s full point allocations!


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