Hero Hammer – A Soup of Tournament Kind

If you’re going to go for soup might as well go for full fun!

  • SupCom of Adeptus Custodes bikes
  • SupCom of
    • Celestine
    • Greyfax
    • Lord Hector Rex
    • An Assassin
  • Brig or Battalion of something fun!

This gives some fast moving glass hammers, a smattering of psyker defenses, and something random from there. That core gives us about half the points of the army at 965.

So what do we take to back this up?


Another hero has joined the fight! There’s enough space for Cawl in a Battalion with some decent range support.

Alternatively a couple Priests can take his spot in a Stygies Battalion, making Dragoons another fast moving hammer that’s not entirely made of glass in the shooting phase.

Grey Knights

Strike Squads for days! Because we wanted more psychic defense, really…


We require more men…no, really…

Space Marines

Scouts. No really, scouts give a ton of battlefield control and actually make this probably the best tactical pairing.


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