Pokémon Generation Slugfest

Enjoyment level of Pokémon generations for me:

  • Gen 2 – 92/100 (Crystal)
  • Gen 6 – 91/100 (X)
  • Gen 1 – 85/100 (Blue)
  • Gen 8 – 80/100 (Shield)
  • Gen 5 – 78/100 (Black 2)
  • Gen 4 – 68/100 (Pearl)
  • Gen 7 – 38/100 (Moon)
  • Gen 3 – 25/100 (Sapphire)

There’s some cool things in each generation, but Gen 7 and 3 didn’t grab me or really make me want to play- mechanics and story both fell a bit flat. For whatever reason the pacing in each game felt off. Apparently I don’t like Pokémon games set on islands? These are also the two generations after my favorite ones- I’m willing to admit there may be a bit of “letdown syndrome” at work here.

Silver was very enjoyable, but something about Crystal took the game to a whole new level- hours and hours were spent making my Tyranitars the absolute best they could be! As for X, if I could have found a good way to stream “Wonder Trade Runs” I very much would have (the ways I tried just didn’t work out for it to still be enjoyable); it’s the only generation I tried speed running without an emulator.

Update: Shield came out and it was really, really fun! The pseudo multiplayer required encounters took out a little bit of the overall fun, but the mechanics are well refined and it was amazing being able to play on my TV.


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