The Gathering to Magic

As a team outing we went to Frank and Sons stopping at Korean BBQ first. Food was good, not as good as near my place but still good stuff. As for the show floor…it was pretty much the same as the last time I was there. Smelled the same sadly.

The Korean BBQ place was somewhere I’ve never been; and one I’ll probably not go back to. I don’t even remember the name of it anymore that’s how awesome it was. The K-Pop was entertaining and all, but the food wasn’t good enough to go back.
Once we got to Frank and Sons I went to the usual game/toy aisle that I frequented as a kid. Sadly, there wasn’t much there that was enticing this time around. Then I went to the comic aisle- this is when I learned my local comic shop really is more amazing as they carry more comics that I’d want at better prices. So with all of my cash still in hand I met up with everyone else and we discussed what to do as a group to buy Magic: The Gathering boxes to get back in to it.
In the end we ended up with seven people joining in for three boxes of cards: two Dragon Maze and Return box. All in all it should be a good set of cards to get started.


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