Time Commitments: Basketball

In an effort to diversify myself a bit I’ve joined a basketball team. At 6′ and 260lbs I’m not the most agile one on the court, but I’m slowly learning how to throw my weight around a bit. It’s made getting rebounds a bit easier at times; people tend to knock themselves off their trajectory when jumping in to me. Given my short-ish height I do have a hard time playing center but I’ve been making it up playing shooting guard and forward a bit. Rebounding is an odd thing I’ve been finding, so much of it is based on initial position yet balanced by “hustle” and tenacity to just move the person near you.

I’ve heard time and time again about how sports teach one a lot about themselves (and how music does, too), but I had forgotten just how much; it’s been years since I played soccer or rugby in an organized fashion. The amount one learns about their body is amazing enough, much less how one operates under pressure and in awkward social situations.

Tonight is our second play-off game against the team that went highly undefeated throughout the season; it will probably be our last play-off game of this season. No matter what happens, it should be fun and entertaining in some way! Win or lose it was still a fun experience that I hope I can make time for going forward.


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