Time Commitments: Writing

The closest thing to a “New Years Resolution” for me was to start writing more. This seemed more doable when I was basically on vacation; the real wold of time and commitments hasn’t been as nice or forgiving. In some ways I should probably be good with that as it means that I get to do a lot of things throughout the week. But much like cutting back on music it’s having an effect elsewhere on my psyche and body. Writing is as much about documenting things that are going on as it is about releasing some creativity that gets bottled up; if it stays bottled up too long it tends to explode in some unforeseeable manner of oddity.

All things being equal I really should like to spend one hour, six days a week writing. Fifteen (15) minutes to get my brain in the right place, thirty (30) minutes for actual writing, and fifteen (15) minutes for editing. Sadly, finding an uninterrupted hour given my job and other responsibilities is more difficult than it probably should be. Thankfully my commute to and from work is just about an hour long! Sounds perfect, except I tend to need to write code or take phone calls given it’s work time.

Going forward things look to be changing and my schedule will open up for all the things mentioned, only time will tell at this point.


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